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The Benefits of Composite Decking and Fencing: Durability and Style Combined


When it comes to creating an outdoor space that is both visually appealing and long-lasting, composite decking and fencing have become increasingly popular choices among homeowners. These innovative materials offer a range of benefits that surpass traditional wood options. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of composite decking and fencing, highlighting their durability, low maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal.

Unmatched Durability

Composite decking and fencing are engineered to withstand the elements and resist wear and tear. Made from a combination of wood fibres and recycled plastic, these materials offer exceptional strength and durability. Unlike traditional wood, composite boards are resistant to rot, warping, and insect damage, ensuring that your investment will stand the test of time.


Whether it's the scorching heat of summer or the harsh winter months, composite materials maintain their integrity, making them an ideal choice for outdoor structures.

Low Maintenance Requirements

One of the biggest advantages of composite decking and composite fencing is their low maintenance nature. Unlike natural wood, composite materials do not require staining, sealing, or painting to keep them looking great. They are designed to retain their colour and resist fading, eliminating the need for regular upkeep. A simple routine of occasional cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to maintain their appearance. Say goodbye to hours spent on sanding, staining, or repairing, and enjoy more time relaxing in your outdoor space.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Composite decking and fencing are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional wood products. They are typically made from recycled materials, such as plastic bags, reclaimed wood, and sawdust. By opting for composite materials, you contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices. Additionally, composite boards are often free from harmful chemicals and preservatives found in some treated wood products, making them a safer choice for both your family and the environment.

Aesthetic Appeal

Composite decking and fencing offer a wide range of design options to suit various tastes and architectural styles. With a plethora of colours, textures, and finishes available, you can easily find a composite product that complements your outdoor aesthetics. Whether you prefer the look of natural wood grain or a sleek, modern design, composite materials offer versatility and customization possibilities. You can create an outdoor oasis that reflects your personal style while enjoying the benefits of a low-maintenance and long-lasting solution.

What do we mean by “composite?”

“Composite” in the context of decking and fencing refers to a material made up of a mixture of wood fibre, (often recycled) plastic, along with some chemical additives. Composite is highly durable and comes with a range of benefits for both decking and fencing that we will explore below.


What are the advantages of composite decking?

Our composite decks are incredibly robust and durable and are far more resistant to mould, rot, staining, warping and fading than their wood counterparts. Another great benefit is the lack of splintering, which is a safety boost for kids and other family members. Unlike wooden decking, composite decks do not require any staining, sanding or painting making them extremely easy to maintain.

When installed in a way that leaves the narrow groove side up, composite decking results in a far reduced risk of slipping than treated wooden boards. In the UK we definitely know what rain and damp is, which leads to another benefit of composite decking over lumber decking. It has a lower absorption rate compared to wood.

What are the advantages of composite fencing?

Composite fencing is extremely durable, boasting an expected life of over 20 years, which is far greater than that of a wooden fence. Serviceability often comes at the expense of aesthetic appeal, but in the case of composite fencing there are a wide range of attractive options that can make for a stunning addition to a garden.

Composite fencing is easy to maintain as it does not require painting or staining and a brush with warm water every six months is all that is recommended. Many composite fencing panels are also made of recycled materials, providing a green boost.

In addition to the aforementioned lower absorption rate reducing decay, rust and warping, composite boards also boost wind resistance, which is very handy when it comes to fencing! This can be enhanced by using concrete to fix the fence posts.


Composite decking and fencing offer a winning combination of durability, low maintenance requirements, eco-friendliness, and aesthetic appeal. As an alternative to traditional wood, they provide a practical solution for homeowners seeking long-lasting outdoor structures. By investing in composite materials, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space without the hassles of constant maintenance, while also contributing to a more sustainable future. So, why settle for less when you can have the best of both worlds with composite decking and fencing?

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