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Pergolas & Stores


Two outdoor structures that Groundforce are experts at installing are pergolas and stores of various types.




The demand for stores has soared in recent years and as more people are using wood-burning stoves or open fires as an alternative heating source, we’ve become particularly busy installing suitable wood stores – adapting the design to suit the particular needs, space and property of each customer. Without a doubt the most common requirement for our stores is for keeping a supply of logs safe and dry. Groundforce have great experience in designing, constructing and installing wooden stores of all sizes and whatever your requirements we can make a store for them.


We also provide stores for customers looking to keep their bins and recycling containers covered and neatly tucked away or provide cover for other items that could do with some cover and a space to keep them tidy.


The stores we construct for our customers can be integrated with new paving, so when we provide paving for driveway and through a side gate, or alongside the house, we also leave the perfect space for a store, which is then constructed and installed on the new paving foundation. Groundforce have a multi-skilled team with over 25 years experience in a wide range of outdoor installations.




Pergola (noun) - an arched structure, usually in a garden that consists of a wooden frame that can be covered with climbing or trailing plants or used to provide shade for outdoor furniture.


Pergolas, like wood stores are proving more popular than ever as people look to make the very most of their outdoor spaces. Pergolas make for a lovely, versatile garden feature and Groundforce have many years of experience in designing, constructing and installing a wide range of pergolas suited to all kinds of garden spaces. Pergolas provide an excellent way of upgrading your outdoor living space. Lovers of climbing and trailing plants will undoubtedly adore the options they afford, while those who want the luxury of outdoor lounge space without sun exposure will find the perfect solution with one of our covered pergolas. With a pergola that is designed and situated in the right spot you can get the perfect balance of light and shade and a retractable cover can even be installed for increased protection.


Groundforce are the perfect choice for your pergola or store project and our passionate and highly-skilled team will be hands on for the entirety of the job from design all the way through to installation, ensuring each and every job is carried out to our exacting standards. Our hard-working team will always seek to minimize disturbance while carrying out their work. In the images on this page you can browse some of our completed projects, offering a glimpse of what you can choose from and the quality you can expect.


Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your ideas. A member of the Groundforce team will be delighted to answer any queries.

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